10 Reasons Why You Need a Deep Tissue Ashiatsu Massage

We live and play and work hard, being in chronic pain, soreness and/or living on a constant supply of stress drains our ability to live life at 100%…. Enter Ashiatsu Massage.

Patty Blake, owner of Denver Deep Ashiatsu Massage, has walked all over people for years and recently stepped into the role of opening the Highlands newest, best-kept secret:

Denver Deep Ashiatsu Massage: The deepest, deep tissue bodywork possible.

1. You need it deeper.

Sustained, deep compressions provide fast acting results that last longer than other bodywork services. The Deeper the better; get to the root of your pain or stress.

2. It Hurts so good.

Experience a pain-free, bruise-free pressure on the deeper layers of muscles, tendons and ligaments and connective tissues.

No wincing. No holding your breath. No pokey, sharp elbows damaging healthy muscle tissue. Just smooth, relaxing pressure targeted exactly where you need it.

3. Mobility is important.

Move freely and easily. Experience a greater range in motion which will ultimately enhance athletic performance and increase human-ing in our world today.

Ashiatsu Massage is used by athletes all over the world as a physical therapy to help fully recover from previous injuries and get back to their peak.

Ashiatsu supports greater facial movement. As the underlying issues in your tissues are addressed, clients are less likely to experience other future injuries and can return to preventative practices, resulting in greater athleticism and living big lives.

This helps our bodies to function as they are supposed to.

4. get aligned.

Because of the consistency of the deep, broad pressure, Ashiatsu deep tissue massage speeds up muscle healing by activating molecules that reduce inflammation and promote mitochondrial growth. Which means: You recover faster, so that you can play harder.

5. Recover Faster

The world in which we live is abundant with distractions and constant stimulation. Because Ashiatsu is able to access the deepest layers of connective tissue pain-free, your mind and body are immediately sent into a deep state of relaxation.


6. find focus.

Carpal tunnel? We can eradicate it. Plantar Fasciitis? Let’s us take it from you. Low back pain? Ashiatsu is a natural pain-killer.

Ashiatsu Massage increases blood flow within the deep layers of muscle and decreases pain significantly. Discuss your problem areas with us and we will custom tailor body work that will suit your needs.

7. eradicate chronic pain issues. fast.

Tight hips? Limp glutes? Poor circulation?

Ashiatsu counteracts the damage of repetitive and prolonged sitting. With it’s slow, gliding movements and deep, sustained pressure, a single session can relieve acute pain. Continuous treatments will work to release chronic pain.

8. because sitting in a chair all week makes you stiff.

Long lines at the airport. Clients (or bosses) with unreasonable demands.

We get it, and we don’t like stress either. Ashiatsu is as effective for pain eradication and management, as it is relaxing.

Clients consistently report to us their love of our deeper pressure, coupled with the deep state of relaxation they are able to achieve.

Walk in with your daily baggage, walk out feeling light and free.

9. conquer your stress.

When you feel good, you automatically enhance your vitality and sense of personal power. And when you feel empowered, you gain the confidence to accelerate the results in ALL areas of your life.

Which means: You recover faster, so that you can play harder.

Come get it deeper at Denver Deep.

10. enhance your vitality.