Benefits of Using cbd based massage oil

CBD has powerful wellness properties that enhance to benefits of deep tissue bodywork. Studies show that applying a topical CBD combats inflammation, eases sore muscles, and assists in relieving stress. 

When you choose to add a CBD treatment to your Deep Tissue Ashiatsu Therapeutic Massage session, it accelerates muscle recovery and desensitizes nerve pain. Because CBD has antispasmodic properties, it encourages faster muscle repair, growth, and strengthening. Therefore, after your session at Denver Deep, you will be able to train harder and experience an accelerated recovery time. 

CBD is also beneficial in reducing anxiety. While deep tissue massage is already known as one of the best ways to eradicate stress, having a topical CBD paired with our bodywork will elevate your mood and mindset.

Research is showing that CBD may even help brain cells send more serotonin signals (serotonin is what makes us feel good and happy in our brains)... possibly even faster than mainstream medication. 

Let’s be happy. Let’s feel good. Let’s get DEEP!