"You are in for a treat! Trust me!"

"I was impressed with Patricia the first time I received a massage from her, and that was over 6 years ago - in Austin. And while I still live here in Austin, I have ensured that our paths have continued to cross as I traveled on business, and if I was anywhere near Florida or Wyoming or Colorado, I always - always! - made sure to schedule some time with her. 

I know she has invested heavily in training and refining her craft, and it shows. Her knowledge of anatomy and her efficiency of motion and her ability to apply just the right amount of pressure is one of her incredible gifts. I am not a small guy, and I need the pressure that only her entire body’s weight can apply. There is just NO WAY that a therapist, using only hands and arms, can provide the depth and the comfort I experience from her.

And if you have never received an Ashiatsu massage before, you are in for a treat! Trust me! And when you refer your friends and family to Denver Deep, they will thank you forever."

Clyde B. 

Retired Business Executive

"I will go to no one else for bodywork"

"I am an active person who does crossfit competitions, 14ers, and I work as a veterinary technician.  Working with Patty has done wonders for me.  Patty is excellent at listening to my needs and caters to them very well.  It is clear she has a great love for massage and making people feel good.  I will go to no one else for bodywork."

Anna A.

Crossfit Athlete, Pitbull Mama, Veterinary Technician 

"left me completely relaxed and mentally calm"

"Patty's attention to detail is impeccable. She more than adequately focused on my problem areas. There's perfect symmetry to her Ashi style with seamless transitions between the use of her hands and feet. The rest of the massage left me completely relaxed and mentally calm as well. I’m SO happy that I found her!"

Garrett D. 

Outdoor Adventure Enthusiast, General Contracting Business Owner, Bluegrass Lover


I had never had a massage with feet before, but every massage should feel as amazing as the one that Patty gave me.
— Maddy H.
I had recently experienced a painful injury to the hip flexors on my right side. While I was mobile and was able to work, it made exercising a challenge. It was frustrating to constantly be in pain and worrying if I would heal. As I started to see Patty for routine treatments, I am thrilled to say that I’m back in the gym, lifting heavy, and feeling GREAT. Her ability to maintain consistent, deep pressure makes me feel like I’m getting steamrolled. If you are in pain, book an appointment with Patty.
— Thomas B.
My wife and I are avid travelers, and on one of our vacations, we discovered Patty and Ashiatsu. The Ashiatsu Barefoot massage that she gave me was unlike anything that I had ever experienced before. Even though my wife and I were on a destination getaway, Patty’s treatment was the highlight of my vacation. Whenever I am in Colorado, I make it a point to book a massage with her
— Myles P.
With an active military career and years of training and playing hard, I have beat up my body. Working with Patty consistently has significantly improved my range of motion, ability to lift heavier, and helped me to find greater relaxation. She has an uncanny ability to find tension spots and a gifted sense of making people feel comfortable.
— Kenny M.
I have had many massages, but Patty’s ability to release tension that had built up over the years is unbeatable! It’s amazing how the broad pressure from her feet makes knots and tough spots melt away.
— Leah B.
I’ve been on Patty’s table a half dozen times, and she unquestionably has always made me realize the value in massage therapy. You will not find a more talented Massage Therapist; however, what separates Patty is her PASSION for what she does. I promise you’ll feel her energy the moment you meet her. I love this woman and all that she’s about.
— Christian A.