Traditional Deep Tissue Massage or an Ashiatsu Massage?

Once people experience a Denver Deep Ashiatsu Massage, they never go back to traditional massage and bodywork modalities.

In an Ashiatsu Massage, our therapists are able to apply and sustain consistent deeper than deep pressure that is necessary to release adhesions and tension in muscles and connective tissue.

Rather than have to depend on hand and arm strength, the therapist uses overhead bars and regulates her body weight to adjust the depth and pressure of the bodywork treatment. She is also able to adjust her feet at an angle to the muscles, which offers a far greater range of pressure than all other forms of massage.

At Denver Deep, our clients’ never have to be concerned whether or not they will receive the amount of pressure needed to get the therapeautic benefits they are seeking. As each client’s needs and anatomy are different, we customize every treatment, case by case.