Welcome to the Denver Deep Blog

Here we go—the first blog post.

How am I doing so far?

Okay then, I’ll keep going. First and foremost, I wanted to say hello and welcome to everyone who’s reading this; I appreciate you being here. Let’s be honest… our time is limited, and more than likely you live in our great state of Colorado, which is packed full of all of the fun things. You could be out trail-running or hiking or enjoying a beer at one of the 1000+ breweries, but you are here because you have an interest in what Denver Deep is all about.

What I do, what Denver Deep is, has grown from a place of loving the hell out of helping people. Life can be complicated and messy, and we all are going through something. It gives me my greatest joy to be a resource for people to eradicate pain and relieve their stress.

People should be doing what they love, following what brings them their highest excitement, and actively choosing happiness. People should be able to pursue their wildest passions, dive deep into their creative visions, feel connected with others, love and accept themselves 100%, and just feel good. Through Denver Deep, if I can extend an hour (or more) of healing to unblock a pathway that leads to joy and living free from pain; I am fulfilling my life’s purpose.

We all have gifts. I can’t parallel park, but my gift is utilized when my heel is in your glutes. My intent for this blog is to be a way of communicating what we’re up to at Denver Deep. Fun facts on anatomy, self-care exercises, recommendations, and maybe a silly meme or two might be spliced in, but this is a way for me to communicate how I am oozing with gratitude for having the opportunity to do what I love: MAKE YOU FEEL AMAZING.

Good on you for making it to the end. Let’s get you on the table, out of your head, and out of pain.

DEEP love,

Patty Blake